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Organic Hair Care

Our unique range of styling products uses the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients to leave styled hair looking naturally healthier with long-lasting hold.

Most styling products use plastics to coat the hair, so styled hair ends up dry and damaged with a crispy, crunchy feeling. Organic Colour Systems is different. We treat hair kindly and it shows.

With Outstanding Results

Our control range is rich in natural conditioners that add extra body, hold and shine. Plus it protects hair during styling so it doesn’t matter how often hair is styled, it won’t get damaged.

With Organic hair products styled hair looks and moves naturally while maintaining long-lasting hold.

Most styling products take several applications and need touching up to keep hair looking freshly styled all day.

But with our unique organic-based formulations one application will maintain the style throughout the day.

So it’s quick and easy to achieve a flexible hold with superb curl retention, anti-frizz benefits and a glossy shine for a soft, natural look.

Suitable for all hair types.


Spritz is a unique medium hold styling spray that gives natural hold and control without the “crispy” feeling.


Root-Lift is a unique medium hold styling spray that gives lift without weight. Creating dynamic curl retention, anti-frizz and lustrous shine.


Glaze is a unique natural soft hold product that gives exceptional memory and retention to your curls. Anti-frizz with natural shine.


Volume mousse is a unique natural soft hold styling product designed to give exceptional curl memory, anti-frizz and lustrous shine. Suitable for all hair types.


Shine is a unique blend of marigold and green tea oil creating a lightweight spray that gives outstanding shine, protection and anti-frizz.


Directions: Apply to clean, dry or towel dried hair. Hold bottle a reasonable distance from hair, spray desired amount.

Argan Oil Gloss

organic hair serum, a unique combination of argan, green tea and marigold oils to give the ultimate in hair protection. Instantly creating natural shine and long lasting condition.


Directions: Apply a small amount to fingertips and massage through wet or dry hair.


Sculpt is a unique medium hold styling product designed to give your hair a sculptured funky look. Can be used on wet or dry hair.


Shape is a unique natural soft hold styling product designed to give your hair a moulded wet look. Can also be used for dynamic curl retention.


Finale is a firm hold hairspray that contains a blend of natural proteins and conditioners to care for the hair. Designed to hold the style in a naturally firm but flexible way. Finale leaves the hair with a deep gloss.

Thermal 2 Twenty

Thermal 2 Twenty is a revolutionary new styling product, designed to protect hair up to temperatures of 220°C. Thermal 2 Twenty improves the smoothness of the hair’s surface and reduces friction, which allows for easier combing and also offers mild hold properties.


Define is a unique firm hold styling product, designed to give definition to your hair and cut. Ideal for short dry or frizzy hair.


Texture is a unique medium hold styling product designed to give texture to the hair. This versatile product uses quartz to give the ultimate matt textured look.

Clarify Shampoo

Clarify Shampoo leaves hair exceptionally clean and refreshed. The powerful cleansing action removes build-up caused by product residues, grease and dirt and prepares hair for colouring, perming and straightening. It is ideal for resistant grey hair and is free from sodium lauryl sulphate.

The Natural Alternative